Organizations face a lot of and a lot of challenges once it involves digital Marketing. With growth and revenue a priority for many businesses, seventieth of promoting professionals this year have targeted on changing ends up in customers, whereas over  80% prioritized increasing traffic to their website.

Content is king

Forget about long social media statuses and journal posts, 2017 are going to be the year of visual content. whereas for computer program improvement, written content can still be valid to drive traffic and leads, visual content is going to be the most. From infographics to photos, displays to graphics, visual content are going to be the final word thanks to lead new leads.

More Video Content

Video content’s role in on-line promoting has been growing for the past few years. however, it isn’t until this year once it actually semiconductor diode the charge. From massive brands like Reebok to startups like Pokémon Go, videos tried to be one in every of the simplest content sorts for viewer engagement.

Mobile Marketing(Mobile advertising, website development, and apps)

Mobile was within the high  3 years past, however as a lot of corporations have adopted the mobile responsive web design and email templates they need to be seen less got to target it, or a minimum of there area unit fewer opportunities for growth.

Internet of Things (IoT) 

IoT is one in every of the foremost vital promoting technology applications of the last 2-3 years, however, it’s of most connexion to devices manufacturers and retailers, thus it’s comparatively very important person during this ranking of priorities.

Do a lot of Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it, lots of corporations do social media promoting wrong. Bear in mind that it’s not a free channel wherever you just churn out ads or content promotions from time to time. you would like to have interaction and socialize with the audience to form it a lot of important.


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