Compared to common PHP hosting, it wants extra expertise and internet skills once addressing ASP.NET hosting, that together makes choosing the foremost effective ASP.NET hosting tougher. Generally, you have to be compelled to take into consideration the next factors

Windows Server Edition
ASP.NET hosting uses Windows OS whereas Windows Server 2008 and 2012 editions square measure used most, and square measure our recommendations to boot. The 2 editions square measure mature and compatible with the foremost choices, like code rewrite.

MSSQL info
Though ASP.NET primarily based applications would possibly use MySQL databases or various databases, we tend to tend to still recommend that you just had higher verify whether or not or not your ASP.NET host provides MSSQL databases. 2012 version is that the simplest whereas 2014 is that the newest.

The two item square measure necessary components in ASP.NET hosting. ASP.NET 3.5 SP1, 4.0 and 4.5 to boot as older versions one.1/2.0 square measure common versions provided by hosts. MVC, as a web application framework, could also be a recommendable feature that you just would need once you manufacture applications.

ASP.NET Trust Level
ASP.NET Trust Level is split into Full, High, Medium, Low and token. completely different levels provide different permissions on putting in and running applications. the simplest one is Full ASP.NET Trust Level, that has the fewest limitations on configuring applications.

Price worth
A good ASP.NET hosting answer ought to have high worth. It means you get what you pay. Currently, you’ll pay $4/mo to $8/mo to induce a minimum of a pair of ASP.NET primarily based websites set up beside adequate disc space, bandwidth, email accounts, dedicated pools, etc. Some hosts provide dedicated IPs for higher SEO too.

Uptime and Speed
No matter that internet hosting you go along with, period and speed square measure essential components you’ve got to contemplate. no one likes a website taking place ofttimes and loading slowly. it’s tough to see out whether or not a number offers reliable and quick hosting performance till you expertise it. but you may still apprehend one factor from server locations, hosting infrastructure, fundamental measure guarantee, shopper feedbacks, etc.

Technical Support

It wants higher technical skills to form and maintain ASP.NET primarily based applications. you’ll encounter extra problems to boot. So, your ASP.NET hosting provider had higher offer 24/7/365 technical support via economical ways in which like live chat.



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