Survey on current mobile apps specifically considering the user engagement, complete with the stunning results. Users solely use twenty-fifth apps once when putting in and so uninstall thanks to some valid reasons. Hence, this analysis indicates that a lot of apps are littered with the dearth of re-engagement methods.

First impressions is the best impression

The user’s expertise in your app ought, to begin with, associate informative and clear landing page. This can be an additional screen that pops up the primary time a user opens your app.

This screen ought to promote and showcase your apps high options. It ought to conjointly demonstrate the worth of push notifications to your apps practicality.

When users absolutely perceive the worth of your app and the way push messages can raise their expertise, they’re way more possible to opt-in to push notifications


About Push Notifications

Apps that go quiet for long periods of your time are often forgotten concerning and eventually deleted. That doesn’t mean you ought to SPAM users, however, you ought to place confidence in relevant push notifications that draw them back to your app. Push notifications nowadays are often terribly tailored and customizable, that makes them even a lot of relevant. you’ll be able to target devices, platforms, users WHO have performed sure actions, and more.




While push notifications and in-app messages ar pertinent, don’t forget the importance of email. We’ll keep in mind Facebook causing U.S. such a big amount of emails, however, we’d like to send our customers emails that catch their attention. which can appear vital, and will not be a waste of their time.

Make Social media sharing

Engaging your users through completely different channels is one amongst the most effective ways in which of accelerating user retention. And, if it’s done properly, you’ll be able to get right returns on your efforts. Let’s discuss a handful of the way which will assist you to have interaction together with your users and keep your app on high of the AppStores and among users.



Go Deep with Deep Linking

Notifications, whether or not via SMS or push, are even a lot of powerful once victimization deep linking in your app. we have a tendency to particularly like to use deep linking once tantalizing different users to associate app or once it’s useful to require somebody to a selected place in associated app.



The smartphone may be a personal selling medium, and your app users expect tailored and vital messages to come back their manner. Language that conveys urgency (i.e. time-sensitive deals) and connectedness (i.e. causing it to the relevant segment) can drive users back to your app. Push notifications have the potential of annoying recipients, therefore to counter this, your content must be honest, helpful, funny, memorable, clear, sympathetic and stylish. As push notifications have style limitations and follow an identical text format, your words have to be compelled to inspire user action.




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