Hand-held technical devices have undergone several bouts of transformation over the past few decades. With changing shapes, sizes, and functions, mobile phones have crawled in their own technique into the user’s pockets. Today, a smartphone has become a basic necessity of life for everyone.

A study conducted by Bizness Apps reveals that by 2017 780 million people square measure mobile only users, not owning PC or table and by 2020 of this year mobile app market square measure crossing $80 billion.

With the quick pace of technological transformation, consumer demand becomes the primary benchmark for mobile apps development corporations. The bulk the organization’s area unit following the agile methodology, that becomes imperative to induce mobile application hit the market quicker and with higher quality. There area unit lots of applications designed for varied mobile platforms that need to be tested.

The number of mobile application transfer is believed to the bit 262,692 Million by 2017.

The mobile business hits back owing to poor mobile application utility, unfriendly UI/ married person, or interval. The user’s area unit impulsive; they will uninstall the applying as soon as they encounter such issues. Sixty-eight of mobile application users extremely report or review practice them. a nasty user experience leads to poor user rating. Fifty-two of the mobile users say that a nasty mobile app experience created them less on the face of it to move with it any. This area a high significance of mobile testing.

Mobile Quality Assurance plays an important role in maintaining and up the user experience of applications across mobile platforms. In mobile application testing, the utility, usability, compatibility, performance and consistency of the mobile application area unit key factors to be tested. Applications have to be compelled to even be tested for consistency &stability throughout interruption by different apps, network or device itself.

A proper check strategy with sensible techniques may well be a key for successful mobile application testing.

Let’s presently discuss relating to a variety of the key techniques to make mobile application testing further economical.


Increased Productivity with Parallel Testing

With the well-known truth, that a mobile application is often tested at the same time on many devices, This major convenience are often used to require productivity to successive level. It additionally inflated the scope to discover bugs faster and arrive at swift solutions that make the apps run systematically, conducive to bigger than before ROI.


Framework as Strategy

Many business house owners have a control that checks automation tools square measure costly and so not definitely worth the investment.

A/B testing matters

Mobile testing is created simply with A/B testing method. This is often done by setting totally different landing pages for the appliance. With A/B testing, totally different situations of experiences are often tested inside the appliance and changes are often created to the appliance supported actual knowledge instead. This supports to realize valuable insights regarding end-user expertise and eventually leads to bigger ROI.

Reusability is Directly Proportional to Time

Reusability may be a key for quicker time to plug. The time consumed to develop a check script is going to be saved if check scripts square measure reused. Not solely it improves the ROI of the appliance, the reusability of check scripts additionally results in a start for alternative similar varieties of mobile application testing comes.

Cloud Mobile Testing

Having Associate in Nursing in-house check research laboratory allows continuous testing method because the access to devices won’t be restricted. Simulation and cloud are often wont to perpetually monitor the performance of mobile apps. A mobile device testing cloud research laboratory improves overall potency and results and high returns.

  • Some of the key metrics to seem at regarding mobile applications square measure,
  • 93% of the mobile app users say that complete apps don’t contribute to their brand loyalty.
  • 99% of the apps get used one time which implies, downloaded, opened and forgotten regarding.
  • There square measure ton of things conducive to the higher than stats. a number of them square measure usability, compatibility, installation factors, local apps, performance, etc.

No matter what the appliance is and what quite testing is to be done, there square measure some key testing activities to be performed to feature worth to the testing methods and methodologies.

  • The appliance ought to be checked for correct installation. If there’s Associate in nursing issue whereas putting in an application, the user can instantly take away it from the mobile. Hence, correct installation of the mobile application needs to tend primary importance and also the connected issue ought to be fastened as early as attainable if any.
  • Testing ought to be performed to make sure whether or not the mobile application is additional user-friendly with simple navigation or not? Therefore, mobile application ought to be tested for higher UX/UI. Forty-ninths of the users control their phone in one hand Associate in Nursing use the applications with thumb and also the average breadth of an adult thumb is one in. that converts to seventy-two pixels. Additionally, there square measure alternative factors involving a style of mobile applications like hand usability, right usability or cradled usability. The mobile application ought to be ensured for the usability factors considering the higher than facts.
  • Compatibility check needs to be in dire straits each mobile application that is brought underneath check. There square measure completely different ranges of mobile devices can different versions of OSs. The compatibility checklist needs to ready for mobile sort, mobile OS, versions of OS or network operators.
  • Interruptions can perpetually be there whereas employing a mobile application. These interruptions are often from alternative mobile applications running at the same time, network connected or as a result of the device itself (battery or power related).
  • Localization testing is that the next step to be performed for the mobile application. It is often L10N or I18N testing. This is often to form certain if the appliance is accessible in several locations with language.
  • The performance of a mobile application is incredibly necessary for the consistency of positive complete image. Logically, once procurement is trending for mobile devices and mobile handler’s square measure given particular offers, as a result of the technical issue, such offers prove redundant!
  • It will have an effect on the complete negatively for a really long-standing. The first goal of performance observance is to benchmark the behavior of the mobile application. The appliance ought to be self-addressed for performance problems as a result of style and design of the appliance. Designing for proactive performance maintenance are going to be a good answer. Constant performance observance can assure that the answer meets client expectations and leads to increased ROI.
  • There square measure few additional to feature to the current list like pre-development testing, zone compatibility testing, social integration testing, sensor/ network/external port testing



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