Coding Horror

Coding Horror could be a website curated by an extremely knowledgeable package developer, Jeff Atwood since 2004. This weblog could be an excellent place to appear for posts associated with the programming trade.

He oftentimes discusses his personal thoughts regarding specific programming topics and even provides a recommendation to the newcomer and knowledgeable programmers.


CodeBetter weblog has one primary purpose – introduce developers to raised instrumentation, methodologies and practices within package program development. they’re centered on technical content material this can be honestly relevant as opposition filling their weblog with random fluff to boom the views.


Scott Hanselman’s weblog tackles the total pantheon of package developer interests, covering technology, code, gadgets, dev culture and therefore the internet. As a former academic and current worker of Microsoft, his active recommendation is obvious, laconic and useful. in contrast to several of his contemporaries, Scott’s writing is additionally exploding with temperament.

 Daily JS

This weblog has some nice stuff for JS coders. It covers news, tips, examples and reviews of a spread of JavaScript frameworks and modules.

Are there the other coding-related blogs that you just would love to suggest to package developers? that square measure the blogs you bear frequently to urge the low down on the globe of development and programming? we’d wish to recognize.


This weblog is filled with info that helps internet programmers and mobile developers improve their skill sets in internet style, game development and additional. It offers video courses and made code sample tutorials that facilitate programmers learn specific skills from beginning to complete.

It discusses varied topics starting from a way to produce Associate in a Nursing app to alternative ways you’ll be able to increase user engagement potential of your app. In short, a weblog that’s designed to assist developers to learn one thing new a day.


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