Don’t have any text to check? don’t have any text to check? Click “Select Samples".Creating a winning website encompasses way more than stunning style. Whereas enticing style helps, as a designer or a developer, you ought to conjointly bear in mind the user expertise.

There is nothing a lot of frustrating than landing on an internet site that’s arduous to navigate and makes finding the knowledge you wish tough. I’m positive you’ve tough this yourself because of the end-user. However as a developer, area unit you keeping the end-user in mind?

In this article, we’ll share our greatest tips for making easy websites.

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Menus ought to be straightforward and simple to grasp. The first menu on any website ought to be distinguished and permit guests to quickly notice the knowledge they’re searching for. This implies avoiding weird labels for pages and limiting the quantity of menu levels. At the terribly least, the foremost vital pages ought to be at the highest menu level.


Another key issue for easy websites is decipherable text. Various studies have shown that the majority individuals don’t truly scan websites, they scan the content. Thanks to this, you have got to pay special attention to the fonts and make sure the text may be scan even on smaller screens with none problems. Avoid exploitation script and penmanship fonts or fonts that use plenty of special characters as they’re usually tougher to scan.

The copy of the website ought to be shifting into smaller paragraphs and follow correct info by together with headings and bullet points wherever applicable to form the text a lot of scannable. Don’t forget to incorporate lots of white house around the text and guarantee there’s enough distinction between the background color and therefore the color of the text.


More and a lot of individuals area unit exploitation their smartphones and tablets to consume the web content. Having a responsive website that works on mobile devices even as well as on desktop computers is crucial for the tip user.

However, a responsive style is simply one piece of a puzzle. so as for the website to be mobile-friendly, make sure that the buttons don’t seem too tiny on mobile devices, that the shape fields will simply be stuffed out, which forms trigger the proper keyboard.

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Did you recognize that roughly four-hundredth of tourists can abandon an internet site if it takes over three seconds to load? If you style an internet site that uses plenty of pictures, videos, or many totally different stylesheets and script files, you’re adding to the load times.

Consider optimizing pictures for the net associate degree reducing the quantity of multimedia system things to an absolute minimum. Mix and decrease the stylesheets and script files and move the render-blocking components to the footer of your website. You’ll conjointly use a CDN service to host those files beside pictures and videos rather than serving them from your client’s website.


Almost each website uses forms, call-to-action buttons, and buttons that permit guests to either share their post, submit a comment or transfer a resource. However, It’s common type to create a slip-up once filling out a form. while not miscalculation message indicating what went wrong, users won’t understand wherever they created a slip-up and it’s a lot of possible they’re going to get annoyed and leave.

Similarly, some users area unit very cautious once downloading files from the net, to not mention users WHO think about screen-reader software package. offer an evidence of what variety of file it’s or what is going to happen once they click on the link. Can it open up in a very new window? can it forthwith transfer a file to their computer? very little things like this go a protracted approach towards creating an website a lot of easy.


Color plays a very important component in any style. Once it involves websites, you ought to make a choice from a pair of and five colors that job well along and use them systematically throughout the website. Doing this may permit your consumer’s whole to stay consistent and build it easier for you to update the colors if your client decides to rebrand in a while. It’ll conjointly facilitate web site guests to associate colors with sure actions on the website.



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