You build a brand new or previous website the foremost vital could be a smart website structure for your business or something. If you build a brand new website for business initial you opt the structure of the website that’s what’s the Menus and submenus, logo, favicon.

Reason for website structure

The website structure is well for 2 reasons one is SEO service in city and different is client usability. Once a client sees your website it’s simple to navigate another page on your website. If your structure is wrong you’ll miss the client, therefore the structure of your website additional vital.

Best Example Websites for Website Structure

When the client visits a well-completed website, initial they visit the house page. Amazon, Flipkart is one among the most effective examples permanently website structure. As an example on Flip kart there square measure menus within the prime of the page links to the most section like natural philosophy, Men’s, Women’s and Books and Media etc. What the client would like and what they longing for the flip kart website structure.

Importance of Website Structure For SEO

Website Structure is additionally vital for SEO as a result of the search engine identifies the structure of the website victimization universal resource locator and internal links.

Easy Indexing For Search Engine

If your website has a good website structure then it will easy to indexed in search engine then solely it seems in Google search result. Google search engine can crawl all the pages on your website.

Builds Link Authority

Share your link to all or any your pages. The link ought to be target domain apart from supply domain link exists as a result of the search engine passes a high worth for the opposite domain link. Therefore the Link authority is additionally vital for SEO service supplier in a city.


The website body content structure should be easy for all users then solely the usability of your website is additional. The Content structure is should each the users and search engine. Place the enticing content and pictures in a very website on the front page wherever the users will see while not scrolling the page down.


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