1.Do Follow

Make it a habit of following 30 accounts daily. you’ll get a little of followers from a number of accounts you follow.

2.Follow your followers

Follow back your followers. This can cut back your probabilities of obtaining unfollowed by your followers.


3.Retweet and Comment others Tweets

Retweet helpful tweets and inquire into them. it’s additionally an honest plan to retweet tweets of your thought leaders and verified Twitter users, this could persuade them to follow you.

4.Embrace hashtags in your tweets

Hashtags act as content tags on Twitter. Hashtags make sure that your tweets can reach individuals looking out exploitation specific hashtags or keywords associated with the hashtags enclosed in your tweets

5.Tweet usually

Nobody needs to tweet someone United Nations agency ne’er tweets. make certain you tweet smart content and links a minimum of double daily so individuals with relevant interest as yours can certainly follow you. you’ll additionally schedule tweets exploitation free tools like TweetDeck, Buffer, and Hootsuite.



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