Have you ever been mistreatment your pc once an admirer every which way decides it is time to begin up a text message conversation? you always got to stop what you are doing on the desktop, then go devour your smartphone and answer the text. Then, if your pal replies with another message, you’ve got to juggle back and forth between your mouse and keyboard and your hand-held device.

But what if you’ll answer that very same text by merely gap up a window on your computer? And what if that window allow you to have full management over your smartphone whereas it had been charging over USB? Well developer Koushik Dutta has seen to that that this fantasy state of affairs is finally a reality—and since his new Vysor app works for the Chrome application program, you’ll try this with virtually any desktop software package.



Enable ADB on pc (Windows Only)

If you are employing a Windows computer, you will need to put in the ADB drivers. therefore click this link and therefore the driver file ought to begin downloading at once. (Mac users do not ought to try this, therefore skip to consequent step.) once it’s finished, plow ahead and launch it, then follow the prompts for installation.


Enable USB Debugging on Your automaton

Next, you will have to alter ADB on your automaton device, then make certain that it’s set to forever enable connections from your pc. therefore connect your phone or pill to your pc with a USB knowledge cable, then open the Settings menu on your automaton device.

From here, head to the “Developer options" menu (if you do not see such associate entry, make certain to alter Developer choices first). Next, alter the “USB debugging" choice, then press “OK" on the popup.


At this time, along with your phone still connected to your pc, you must see an extra popup asking if you need to permit associate ADB affiliation from this device. Tick the box next to “Always enable from this pc," then press “OK" on this popup.


Install the Vysor App for Chrome

Next up, head to the current link from the Google Chrome browser on your pc. From here, click the “Add to Chrome" button at the highest of the screen to put in the Vysor Chrome app.


Connect Vysor to Your automaton Device

With Vysor put in and ADB originated, mistreatment your pc to look at and management your automaton device are improbably simple from currently on. begin by clicking the “Find Devices" button on Vysor’s main menu.

From here, select your automaton device from the list, then click “Select," then your screen ought to begin being reflected over to your pc at intervals seconds. If you are having hassle connecting here, go back Step one of this tutorial, or scrutinize our full orientate fitting and troubleshooting USB Debugging.


Control Your automaton Device from Your computer

Now that you are connected, you must see your automaton device’s show in an exceedingly window on your pc. From here, you’ll use your mouse or keyboard to navigate your phone or pill as you unremarkably would.

There square measure some keyboard shortcuts that you just ought to bear in mind of, though. Use the ESC key to simulate the rear button, the F1 key to access Android’s menu operate, and therefore the tonic key to move back to your home screen quickly. On a MacBook, these keyboard shortcuts might vary or won’t work all.

If you open associate app with landscape orientation, the window on your pc can mechanically rotate to suit the contents of your screen. an equivalent goes if you wish to size this window—just drag from one in all the corners and therefore the contents can rescale or right down to match the window on the fly.

Share management of Your automaton Device with people

If you ever ought to share management of your device with another person—let’s say for troubleshooting purposes—it’s really very easy mistreatment Vysor. simply connect your phone to your pc and launch Vysor as your unremarkably would, then click the “Share" button in Vysor’s main menu.

At this time, you will get see a message informing you that a link to share your device’s screen was derived to your writing board. simply open your favorite electronic communication program or email app, then paste this link into a message to the opposite person. On their finish, once they click the link, they’re going to be prompted to put in the Vysor Chrome app, and after they do, they’re going to be able to management your phone remotely similar to you’ll.

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