Software developers forever have to be compelled to be upskilling, Associate in Nursing more and a square measure expected to bring over the simply nice code to an organization.

There are many blogs code developers will browse to find out, however, it’s troublesome knowing wherever to start (or even what is price reading).

That’s why we have a tendency to create today’s post: to offer code developers such as you a headstart, compilation forty of the most effective dev blogs on the net.


Code Simplicity may be a companion journal to author gamma hydroxybutyrate Kanat-Alexander’s application style book Code Simplicity: The Science of code Development. gamma hydroxybutyrate may be a computer user on Google, and therefore the chief creator of the Bugzilla Project – and his journal attracts upon this expertise to supply recommendation on simplifying code style. His mantra is ‘Complexity is stupid. Simplicity is smart’ – and once reading the journal, I’m inclined to agree.

2) JOEL ON code

In addition to being a former Microsoft program manager, Joel Spolsky may be a co-founder of programming Q&A website StackExchange, the person behind code development company Fog Creek code, and therefore the awe-inspiring very little browser-based progress tool Trello. He’s been blogging since 2000, and his website may be a goldmine of insight on code dev, management, and business.


Scott Berkun’s eponymic journal is one amongst the foremost multi-faceted on this list, giving recommendation and insight into power, leadership, and philosophy – aboard his experiences as a manager at giants Microsoft and WordPress. If you’re bored with reading identical previous journal content, Scott’s journal offers an embarrassment of partaking information, all of that is intended to assist you to become a more robust person, likewise as a more robust software engineer.


Coding Horror is that the outlet of seasoned internet application developer (and, like Joel Spolsky higher than, co-founder of StackExchange) Jeff Atwood. The journal tackles all manner of code development and security topics, however, it’s Jeff’s interest within the human part of a development that creates the journal stand out. As Jeff himself says:

‘In the art of code development, learning code is not enough; you have got to review the individuals behind the code, too.’

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Scott Hanselman’s journal tackles the total pantheon of code developer interests, covering technology, code, gadgets, dev culture and therefore the internet. As a former prof and current worker of Microsoft, his active recommendation is obvious, taciturn and useful. in contrast to several of his contemporaries, Scott’s writing is additionally detonating with temperament. If you’re an exponent of Scott’s insight, you’ll additionally look at his 3 podcasts and YouTube channel.


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