• conclude wherever your readers area

With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to check your visitors’ location further as demographics. With this info, you’ll be able to properly target these guests along with your content or larger ad strategy for a better conversion.

  • Learn what keywords bring guests to your web site from search engines further as conclude what individuals area unit sorting out at intervals your site.

Always smart to understand this….however, Google will retain a big quantity of this knowledge underneath “not provided” typically because of people being logged into a Google product and different non-disclosed ‘features’. notwithstanding this, it’ll still provide you with some plan of what’s driving traffic to your website.

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  •  conclude what your high content is.

Google Analytics and show you which ones content area unit performing arts well together with the amount of views, average time spent on a selected page further as wherever they browse to later. This important info will assist you pastor or produce a lot of similar content that’s in demand.

  • conclude what individuals aren’t reading or visiting on your website.

Aside from knowing what your high contents area unit, it’s superb to understand that of your contents area unit thought-about “not interesting” to your targeted audience. this provides you a stronger perceiveing of wherever you must focus your efforts further as understand that content must revised or scrapped.

  • What devices individuals area unit viewing your website on.

The nature of however individuals read sites of late is speedily evolving to incorporate tablets and mobile phones, alongside ancient desktops. Google Analytics can highlight the number of traffic coming back from every device kind. you discover the importance of your website being accessible from quite simply your desktop.

Google Analytics is a free tool.It is one of the product by google. It help to know more about our website plus website traffic

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